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In Sickness and in Health: A Ministry Marriage - An Interview with Nancy Stevens

What Does Your Sabbath Look Like? - Responses by several women in ministry

A Passion for Mentoring - An interview with Alicia Britt Chole

Mentoring Pastors’ Wives - An Interview with Teri Herndon

Campus Coworkers for Christ with Matt and Tracy Herman

Partners in Mission with Nancy Raatz

"Mr. and Mrs." on the Church Marquee with Dr. Byron Klaus

He Preached Mornings and She Preached Nights with Martha Klaus

Winning the Respect of the Team with Kate Gordon

When the Church Pastoral Team is Male and Female with Maria Khaleel, Sarah Stephenson, Kim Sharp, and Charles Arsenault

No Position? No Problem with Yen-Sha Lim

What to Expect When Contacting District Leadership with Don Detrick, Robert Crabtree, Clarence St. John, and Terry Raburn

No Position? No Problem — An interview with Yen-Sha Lim

Growing in the Early Years of Ministry with Deb Galyen

Shining in the Golden Years with Peggy Musgrove

Interview with Becky Brumbalow, Bevie Joe Marquardt, and Judy Rachels. Three women in ministry who have overcome breast cancer.

Interview with Lisa Jayne who is a young, single adult with a passion for ministry.

Interview with Donna Barrett, a single woman who God called to pioneer a new church.

Interview with Monica Delaurentis, a former drug addict God is using to plant churches that are ministering to thousands of hurting people each week.

Interview with Missionary Dianna Lang, who inspires us to trust God even when we don’t have the vantage point of our final destination.

Interview with Carol Carpenter on ministry following devastation. She encourages us that what Satan means for evil, God can use for good.

Interview with Darlene Matrone. She works outside the church, serves in ministry, is raising three children, at the gym by 5:30 a.m. How does she do it?

Interview with Shellie Bowdoin. She and her husband serve as missionaries and have developed a unique ministry making an impact on the international community in her area.

Interview with Alia Nayeem Stowers, who speaks of her journey into ministry after abandoning plans to become a physician.

Interview with Abby Blankenship, creator of Deborah Generation conferences designed to support teenage girls who feel led to full-time ministry.

Interview with Jeanne Mayo. Jeanne shares with younger woman ministers practical advice to manage the many hats on their hat rack.

Interview with Dr. Linda Mintle. Maintaining balance through the seasons of life.

Embracing Non-Traditional Ministry

Interview with Mark Rhoades, Becky Rhoades, and Kay Gross. A look inside ministry marriages.

Interview with Greg Gale. Perspective of a pastor’s husband.

Interview with Mrs. Getzial Mohan on her prayer life journey.

Interview with Pastor Jim Bradford on handling church conflict before it becomes a crisis.

Interview with Billie Davis: From Migrant to Doctor - A Life of Learning.

Interview with Dr. David Lim on Leadership of Spiritual Gifts.

Interview with Dick Foth about his life and work in the Washington, DC area.

Interview with Judy Malana regarding her ministry as a military chaplain.

Interview with Dr. Deborah Gill on Seasons of Rest and Relaxation.

Interview on Being Single in Ministry, Peggy Musgrove interviews three single women in ministry.

Interview With Sheri Benvenuti, vice president for student affairs and associate professor of social ethics at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California.

Interview with Beth Grant, chairperson of the Task Force for Women in Ministry.