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Book Reviews

The Purse-Driven Life

By Anita Renfroe

(NavPress, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2005, pp. 144, paperback)

If you haven’t yet discovered Anita Renfroe, just turn your TV to Good Morning America. The “stay-at-home-mom” turned “YouTube comedic Phe-mom-enon” is a featured comedian on ABC’s morning program with 15 comedy segments scheduled to air in 2008. With a new DVD release in April 2008, and a spot as featured speaker with the 2008 Women of Faith conferences, Anita’s name is becoming well known in Christian and non-Christian circles alike.

The Purse-Driven Life is just one of the many projects from Anita in recent years. The short, 144 page paperback written for women is a light, easy read guaranteed to lift spirits, produce occasional outbreaks of laughter, and strengthen the bond of sisterhood as it touches on all topics female such as shoes, closets, chocolate, eating and exercise, travel, relationships, and family. Reading like a stand-up comedy routine, her casual and informal tone leaves the reader feeling as if she knows Anita personally, or is even known by Anita. (She must have seen the inside of my closet!) Most chapters end on a thoughtful note as Anita ties her humorous ramblings to the anchor of Scripture.

The Purse-Driven Life is a good gift book given to a friend, or one’s self. Women in ministry may enjoy this book simply as a humorous escape from the stresses of life and ministry. Others may find in it ideas for adding humor to Bible studies and messages for women. Without a doubt, women will walk away from this book seeing the details of daily life through the eyes of humor.

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