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As a woman in ministry, or preparing for ministry, have you ever wished you could just pick up the phone and talk, heart-to-heart, with someone who "gets" your life? Have you ever thought, "How in the world do other women in ministry handle this situation?" or "Boy, I would love to ask someone this question!"?

Maybe you would just like to have an honest, safe conversation with another woman in ministry who is a little farther down the same kind of road you're traveling... someone who can listen, offer encouragement, and pour a little wisdom from her own experience into your life.

If this describes you, we invite you to fill out the form on this page. We will do our best to help you make a Meaningful Connection with one of our Mentors-for-a-Month, someone who would love to invest her time (a one-hour phone call, once a week for one month), wisdom, and prayers into your life and ministry.

Here are a few things you should know (please read before applying for a mentor):
  • Your mentor is making a commitment to spend one hour on the phone with you, once a week for four weeks, during dates and times that you will agree upon together via email prior to your Meaningful Connections through Mentoring sessions. We will help you make the initial connection but it will be up to you to schedule your mentoring calls at times that are convenient for both of you. Please honor the mentoring sessions you set up with your mentor as you would other important appointments. Also, please limit your phone calls to one hour each week—your mentor, like you, has many things on her plate and would appreciate your consideration of her time.
  • When it comes to finding a mentor for you, we will do our best to locate a good "match" from our pool of available mentors. However, we realize every person and situation is unique, and we may not always be able to find the "perfect fit." Ministry situations differ from church to church and vary in different geographical regions and across cultures. Be willing to learn from your mentor, even when there are some obvious differences. It's likely that you'll benefit as much from the dissimilarities as from the things you have in common!
  • Be sure to check out the Helpful Tips download at the end of this section. It includes a list of great questions to ask a mentor and can help you know where to begin!
  • Please know that your mentor is not a counselor and can't solve or fix all your problems! (Don't we wish!) She will offer you the best she has when it comes to wisdom, practical advice, and encouragement...but she is not infallible. It is up to you to use discernment when acting upon the advice of any mentor, including this one.

    Also, while we ask and expect our mentors to uphold the highest standards of keeping confidences, please use discretion when it comes to sharing confidential information, including real names and details of private situations. (We at the Network for Women in Ministry will do our best to provide biblically-solid, godly women to serve as mentors. But since we cannot possibly foresee every possibility and monitor every conversation, the publishers of this site, its affiliates, staff and/or sponsors cannot be held responsible for any situation that occurs as a result of, or is negatively influenced by, the mentor's responses or what they might share with others from the mentoring conversations. By applying for a mentor, you are agreeing to these terms.)
  • If, for any reason, the "mentoring chemistry" just isn't working, the mentor-for-a-month agreement can be ended at any time by either the mentor or the mentee. If this happens, we would be happy to try to find a better fit with another mentor.
  • This mentoring effort is primarily for female ministers or those preparing for ministry (credentialed and non-credentialed) within the Assemblies of God. Women in ministry from "sister denominations" (whose statements of faith are generally compatible with those of the AG) are welcome to apply. Due to supply and demand, first priority for assigning mentors will be given to women within our Fellowship.
  • At the end of your month of mentoring, we'd love to hear your feedback! Please let us know you've completed the Meaningful Connections sessions and we'll send you a very quick and easy questionnaire that will help us evaluate and improve our mentoring focus.
  • Congratulations! Now you're ready to begin the adventure of mentoring!

Helpful Tips Downloadable PDF


Mentoring Women Form

Application to be matched with a Mentor-for-a-Month: Please fill out all fields in the online application below.