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Women in Ministry - July-Aug 2010

Insecurity, Jealousy, and Fear — The Termites of Ministry

As you listen to the stories of ministry defeats, a pattern slowly emerges. Tiny habits unchecked become debilitating in time. Unrecognized insecurities erode effectiveness. Lack of accountability in a minister's personal life can often lead to infidelity, financial ruin, ineffectiveness in relationships, and dysfunction in leadership roles. Jealousy leads to team erosion.

In this issue, the "termites" (those pesky little insects that destroy before they are recognized) of ministry are explored. We invite you to utilize these articles and interview to examine yourself to see if any termites are eating away at the wood of your soul. If recognized in your life, call the "Exterminator" at 1-XXX-GOD-HELP!

(Español - Vea algunos de estos artículos en Español.)

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Book Review

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