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Women in Ministry - May-June 2010

Counseling and Pastoral Ministry

As ministers and pastors, we walk beside those who need our help. Some are getting married and need premarital counseling; others are hurting and need a listening ear; some struggle with sexual immorality; many are facing family problems; all need someone to help guide them through difficult days.

In this issue, the above areas are addressed by experienced ministers and professional counselors. Various resources are provided for further study in the topics in which you are interested. Glean from this issue advice that will help guide you as a woman minister in helping those who need counsel.

In addition, to assist pastors and those responsible for pastoral care and counseling, the next two issues (summer/fall 2010) of Enrichment journal are devoted entirely to helping equip caring professionals bring health and wholeness to individuals and families. Visit the Enrichment journal site for more information.

(Español - Vea algunos de estos artículos en Español, aquí.)

Included in this issue:




  • Guiding Principles for Maintaining Integrity. (pdf) To provide Christian leaders with a variety of biblical principles that can be used when discussing issues that some may consider "grey" (i.e., they can't find a specific verse that says "thou shalt not..."). It can be a helpful tool to get people thinking in terms of biblical principles that are applicable in many situations, including various forms of sexual activity.
  • Keep it Safe List. (pdf) To provide Christian leaders with a variety of resources that can be used when working with individuals who are struggling with Internet pornography, and other inappropriate sexual activity.

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