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Women in Ministry - Jan-Feb 2010 Issue

Labeled or Loved? A Christian Response to People

Standing for truth in our ever-changing world is not only important, but often a great challenge. Christian leaders are on the front edge of responding to the pressing needs of society. Jesus presented the love of God as unconditional. He loved people for who they were and invited them to receive God's life-transforming love.

As women in ministry, we have the prime opportunity to live out God's grace toward those who are lost in hands on, tangible ways. And ministering to the marginalized of the world requires strategic focus. In every corner of the world the remnants of intolerance and oppression is seen, whether through cultural or religious views.

In this issue, this important opportunity — and challenge — is considered by several authors who examine ways the incredible life-changing love of God can be brought to those in need of it throughout the world.

We invite you to evaluate your own response to this challenge. Are you tolerant of others in such a way that promotes God's grace toward them; or do you quickly place people into categories that label them?

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  • Video Sermon—Valley Forge Christian College (Phoenixville, Penn.) senior Jessy Griswold shares a message on learning to look at people with the eyes of Christ.

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