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Jodi Detrick
Women's Ministries Director, Northwest Ministry Network/Life Coach/The Seattle Times Columnist

Jodi would be the first to admit that "ink and ministry" run in her blood. A third generation PK, Jodi's grandparents and parents were in the ministry. Now that Jodi's daughter is a credentialed minister, Jodi is part of three female ministers "in a generational row" in her family. Giftedness with words flowed through a grandmother and mother that always wrote something "sweet and profound." In Jodi, passion for ministry and way with words combine in a unique and wonderful way.

As a young wife, Jodi earnestly prayed about her life's goals and purposes as she and her husband Don began their ministry. During that time, she became aware of a great passion to influence the lives of women, to address their needs, and to challenge them to fulfill the specific design God had in mind when He created them. Jodi saw her prayer realized in various ways as she served in ministry as a pastor's wife in the church teaching Bible studies and directing women's ministries. She and her husband did (and still do) team teaching, counseling, and couples retreats. Her passion for ministry to women led her to take sectional leadership in Women's Ministries, and to accept regular teaching and ministry opportunities.

Today, the women of the Northwest Ministry Network enjoy Jodi's leadership in Women's Ministries where she plans and leads all special network-wide events for women, working with a talented team of sectional representatives. But Jodi believes Women's Ministries is about much more than events. She says, "It's about connecting and sharing great ideas and resources with women who minister in their local churches all year long. It's about growing in our ability to touch women's lives in the communities where we live. It's about helping women to become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ."

Other exciting areas of ministry for Jodi include ministry to women one-on-one as a trained life coach, and writing a regular column for The Seattle Times. As a life coach, Jodi works with clients in all life stages and ministry/professional positions, asking them strategic questions designed to help them navigate their way through the various challenges of life. As a writer for The Seattle Times, Jodi's gift of pen allows her the opportunity to communicate biblical principles in a practical way to an audience of 1.1 million people.

Whether in ministry to one or hundreds of thousands, Jodi is a woman with a heart of passion for Jesus and compassion for others who considers it a high privilege to work with and for the people He loves so much.

--by Jennifer Gale