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Women in Ministry - Jan/Feb 2009 Issue

The Word on the Street:
Integrating Current Issues and God's Word

As Christian leaders, the ultimate goal of our ministry in the Word is to help people practice biblical truth in their daily lives to get "the Word on the street," so to speak. Consequently, we must rise to the challenge (and work) of making sure that our teaching and preaching of God's Word is presented in a way that is relevant and meaningful; in short, in a manner that actually motivates people to apply the truths of Scripture to the real world.

Titus 1:1 teaches that Scripture is "the truth that leads to godliness."The truths of Scripture are something that we are to put on like clothes. Biblical truth is the wardrobe for the soul. We can't admire clothes in the closet but then leave them there. We must adorn ourselves with the truths of Scripture. The better equipped we are to help people adorn themselves with Truth in their daily lives, the more we will begin to see "the Word on the street." That's why this issue is dedicated to providing you with tools and resources to help you properly interpret Scripture, and then give practical suggestions for helping people apply it in real life.

Included in this issue: