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Women in Ministry - Nov 2008 Issue

Sharpening Our Tools for Ministry

Back in my college years, before I had a personal computer, I had to type all of my research papers on a typewriter. It was nerve-wracking. One mistake could mean I would have to start the entire page over (or worse, settle for a less-than-best job). It was a new day when I got my first computer. Now, I can cut and paste to my heart's content, getting my thoughts exactly like I want them, at the click of a mouse. You see, a computer is a helpful tool that lets me accomplish the task of writing more effectively. In the end, I get a better product, in less time — all because I'm using the right tool.

Ministry is the same way. We are called to perform a variety of activities. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help us do ministry more effectively, with better end results to show for our labor.

Are you continually expanding your ministry tool box in order to more effectively do what God has called you to do? Toward this end, this issue is designed to challenge you to greater heights, as well as provide practical encouragement and suggestions for sharpening your ministry tools.

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Book Review