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Women in Ministry - Aug/Sept 2008 Issue

Called Community

Authentic community. Healthy networking. Enjoying fellowship with other women in ministry. Sounds like a dream? Of course, we know we need it and even crave it. But let's get real. Who has the time? And even if we have the time, it can be difficult to find other like minded women in ministry with whom we really connect.

It has been said ministry is relationships. The rest is just details. There is a lot of truth to that statement. Yet in a vocation where we are constantly giving to others, we often fail to replenish ourselves through investing in relationships that give back. It takes time and work to develop meaningful relationships and we're all busy trying to fulfill the roles to which God has called us. And if we're not careful, it's all too easy to become isolated.

Women who will experience successful ministry over the long haul have learned that ministry doesn't have to be a difficult, lonely journey. Connecting with others enriches our lives and ministries. That's why we have dedicated this issue to reminding us of the dangers of isolation in ministry as well as providing practical suggestions for how we can develop meaningful community with other women in ministry. We can take steps to develop ministry relationships and networks that provide encouragement and support. It may seem like a dream just outside your grasp - but we dare you to catch it if you can. It will be worth it.

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