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Women in Ministry - May/June 2007 Issue

Husband and Wife Teams

The best marriages are those in which both husband and wife are teammates. A biblical example of a great team is Priscilla and Aquila. They ministered, taught, hosted, suffered, and succeeded as a team for Christ.

When a husband and wife commit to the same ministry work and share responsibility for it, they will face special blessings and challenges. They will find that in ministry as in marriage, their different gifts and strengths are complementary and make them more effective together than when they operate alone. They will also deal with problems that other ministry teams do not, such as balancing their ministry and marriage needs.

In this issue, we share how husband and wife ministry teams can function well when they avoid certain pitfalls and follow several principles. We also offer several intriguing interviews with those who work or have worked as a team with their husband or spouse, or have witnessed a successful husband and wife ministry team in action. A book review and further resources are included in our exploration of this special ministry dynamic.

Included in this issue:


Nothing New by Dr. Todd Lake

Let’s Work Together by Kera Hubbard

Four Principles for the Successful Husband-Wife Team by Sam Mayo


He Preached Mornings and She Preached Nights with Martha Klaus

"Mr. and Mrs." on the Church Marquee with Dr. Byron Klaus

Partners in Mission with Nancy Raatz

Campus Coworkers for Christ with Matt and Tracy Herman


Resource List

Book Review

Extreme Marriage by Terry Owens