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Women in Ministry - March/April 2007 Issue

Dual-Gender Teams

Our last issue focused on how to make the transition from a call to ministry to a ministry position. Once women find a ministry position, they are often confronted with a new challenge – learning how to work successfully in a previously all-male or mostly male leadership team.

In the United States, the employment landscape has been dotted with male-female leadership teams in recent years. Business, government, and education organizations have increasingly hired females in top leadership positions. Though the Church has been slower to implement this model, it is happening now across the country. Those who are working on dual-gender leadership teams report positive outcomes with this dynamic. There may be some challenges, but there are also specific blessings when females and males work together to model the gospel of Jesus Christ for their churches.

In this issue, we will look at the historical tension between men and women in the church, and the rewards for both when personal and cultural barriers are removed and men and women join together in the work of the Great Commission. Several people share their experiences of working in dual-gender leadership teams. And a book review and resources are provided for further research on this topic.

It is our prayer that as you read through the articles and interviews, you will find the encouragement and wisdom you need to be effective and comfortable in your own dual-gender team experience.

Included in this issue:


Playing Nice: Effective Ministry in Dual-Gender Teams” by Lori O’Dea

An Examination of 1Timothy 2:8-15” by Daniel H. Crabtree

Removing Gender Barriers in Ministry While Building Healthy Sexual Boundaries” by Gary R. Allen

Ten Advantages of Hiring a Female Staff Member” by Donna Barrett


Winning the Respect of the Team” with Kate Gordon

When the Church Pastoral Team is Male and Female” with Maria Khaleel, Sarah Stephenson, Kim Sharp, and Charles Arsenault


Resource List

Book Review

Leadership Above the Line by Sarah Sumner