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Women in Ministry - January/February 2007 Issue

Roadmaps to Ministry

Feel like you are on call-waiting? What you can do to step into ministry.

You have the deep-seated assurance that God has called you into ministry. You may have been surprised by the sudden change in your life’s direction when the call came, or it may have been resident from your earliest memory. Either way, you are certain that the call is there.

Often, the uncertainty is how to move from the call to ministry into ministry itself. You may have the feeling you are on call-waiting, not sure how the call is going to play out in real life.

Much time may pass between the call to ministry and the opportunity to minister. When this happens, remembering how much time elapsed between David’s anointing as king until he actually ascended the throne may be helpful. For others, the call and the opportunity are almost simultaneous, much like Jesus’ call to the fishermen to leave their nets and become His disciples.

In this issue, several seasoned women in ministry share how the call of God came to them, and how their own ministries developed. You will see examples of how individually and personally the Lord works in each of our lives. Tools are given that you may find helpful in interviewing for a ministerial position. A list of resources is offered to help you pursue your studies of the call of God. Finally, Callings, the book reviewed this issue, traces the changing views of the call of God through the centuries.

Included in this issue:


His Call, My Journey” by Paula Mickley Ireland

Making the Most of the Journey” by Jennifer Gale

The Self-Examination of a Woman Called Into Ministry” by Judy Rachels, as told to Loralie Crabtree

Go Stand on the Mountain” by Julie Sarnowski

Writing a Resume” by Peggy Musgrove

Poem — “Spoiled for the Ordinary” by Paula Mickley Ireland


No Position? No Problem” with Yen-Sha Lim

What to Expect When Contacting District Leadership” with Don Detrick, Robert Crabtree, Clarence St. John, and Terry Raburn


Resource List

Book Review

Callings: Twenty Centuries of Christian Wisdom on Vocation edited by William C. Placher