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Women in Ministry - November/December 2006 Issue

Bivocational By Design: Two Jobs, One Ministry

An increasing number of women are engaged in bivocational ministry. This simply means they are in active ministry yet hold an additional job that serves as a means of financial support.

While bivocational ministry can take many different forms, usually it falls within one of two models. The first is commonly known as “tent making.” It draws from the example of Paul who supported his preaching ministry through his trade as a maker of tents (Acts 18:3). Such ministers may not sense a “call” to their secular jobs but rather view them as a means of support while engaged in ministry. They often only remain employed until the ministry is able to support them full-time.

The second model in bivocational ministry is when the person feels specifically called to both vocations. One is not simply a trade to serve their ministry. Rather, it is an integral part of their ministry. The ministry and the job are both enriched and made complete because of the other. According to Daniel E. Hall in his article, “Bivocational Priest,” “The church needs more examples of this type of bivocational ministry because it is an incarnation of God’s claim on all human endeavor and knowledge. Faith is the foundation for all of our life, not just the life lived from nine to noon on Sundays.”

In this issue you will meet several women who have been called to step outside the walls of the church and minister faith in a faithless world through bivocational ministry.

Included in this issue:


Bivocational Priest” by Daniel E. Hall

Full-Time Pastor, Part-Time Pay” by Harold R. Newsome, Jr.


Two Worlds, One Calling” with Connie Boltinghouse

Letting God Put the Puzzle Pieces Together” with Summer McCool

Missions and Marketing” with Charity Waterman-Reeb


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Book Review

Preaching, Planning, and Plumbing: The Implications of Bivocational Ministry by Steve Clapp, Ron Finney, and Angela Zimmerman