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Women in Ministry - September/October 2006 Issue

Stretch Marks

As women in ministry, we all experience “stretch marks” at different times in our lives, and through varied circumstances.

These times can occur in transitioning from college to married life; the birth of a child (with the inevitable physical and emotional stretch marks); the first few years of ministry; ministry changes and relocations; relationship challenges; empty nest syndrome; diminishing or less visible ministry in retirement years. Feeling “stretched” may be due to life changes, poor choices, illness, or more responsibility. Any or all of these can be times of stretching you beyond your comfort zone.

It is our prayer that in trying times—times of stretching—you will ask the questions:

Where is God in this situation and what does He want me to learn?

How can I respond to difficulties in a Christian manner that glorifies God?

Included in this issue:


The Beauty of Stretch Marks” by Dr. Carolyn Tennant

"Who Moved My Map?" by Lori S. O’Dea


Growing in the Early Years of Ministry” with Deb Galyen

Shining in the Golden Years” with Peggy Musgrove

Book Reviews

The Cross and the Scalpel by Gwen Wilkerson

Feathers from my Nest by Beth Moore


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