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Women in Ministry - July/August 2006 Issue

Sacredness of the Ordinary:

Experiencing God in the Common Things of Life

Our last issue focused on cultivating faith to believe God to work in extraordinary ways in and through our lives. As we believe God for the glorious, we naturally expect—and long—to experience God in spectacular and extraordinary ways: a powerful sermon, stirring congregational praise, the occurrence of signs and wonders, and other dramatic and visible evidences of His work.

While we will always love experiencing God in the extraordinary, in Matthew 25 Jesus reveals an important counterpart, a healthy balance to solely focusing on the extraordinary. Jesus sees God in the ordinary: in a cup of cold water, in a welcome to a stranger, in food or clothing given to someone in need, in a visit to the sick or imprisoned. “Whatever you did for them you did for me.”

So how do we value the ordinary—all the days, hours and minutes when we are not experiencing the overtly spiritual or the spiritually dramatic? If we’re not careful it could easily be taken for granted. If we limit God to the dramatic and the extraordinary, not only will we devalue the ordinary; we will miss seeing God in the ordinary.

We can’t afford to lose sight of Jesus’ perspective—that He is found and served in the very ordinary—right where you and I live. The ordinary can be infused with significance! That’s why this issue is devoted to helping you cultivate an appreciation for the intrinsic value of the ordinary.

Included in this issue:


Experiencing God in the Very Ordinary by Juli Nelson. Juli says we occasionally are allowed to live at a level of grandeur; but most of the time, we live in the ordinary—the place where we meet and serve Jesus.

Limiting God to the Extraordinary by Juli Nelson. In this article Julie states that if we limit God to the dramatic and spectacular, then we devalue the ordinary and God’s involvement in it. Many extraordinary and miraculous events are housed within the ordinary.


The Great Joy of This Moment, with Becky Brumbalow, Bevie Joe Marquardt, and Judy Rachels. Nothing causes one to appreciate the sacredness of every moment like an encounter with a life-threatening illness. These women unveil their candid feelings in dealing with breast cancer.

Finding God in the Ordinary, with Lisa Jayne. Lisa relates how she has found God’s leading in her finances, friends, and in practical areas of ministry.

Book Reviews

The Practice of the Presence of God - Compilations and Letters of Brother Lawrence (OneWorld Publications, Reissue Edition, 1999, 144 pp. hardcover)


Resources — Sacredness of the Ordinary: Experiencing God in the Common Things of Life