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Women in Ministry - January 2006 Issue

Get the Connection: The Relationship Between Body, Soul, and Ministry

Women in ministry benefit from recognizing the vital connection between physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. Not only is wellness an essential element of our spiritual journey, but overall good health provides the foundation for meaningful ministry.

God created us as complex beings (comprised of body, soul, and spirit). A wholistic approach to wellness incorporates the development of the whole person. Just as physical illness can leave us feeling emotionally drained, mental stress or emotional uneasiness can cause physical symptoms such as tiredness or sickness. A lack of wholeness in any area of our life ultimately spills over and affects how we minister.

The good news, however, is that the converse is also true. As we focus on and nurture a given aspect of our being, the other aspects are enhanced as well. (It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.) And this, too, will spill over and positively impact our ministry. Research reveals that improving our health results in increased motivation and productivity. In short, striving for wholistic wellness is one way to gain the necessary energy to meet ministry’s challenges.

In this issue, we hope to encourage women in ministry to pursue wholistic well-being. Realizing that ministers naturally focus on the more spiritual aspects of our development, we are including resources to assist in the physical and emotional elements. As we strive for total wellness, we create an environment that fosters positive change and integrates health into our ministries. It is our prayer that we can be vessels through which the healing power of the Holy Spirit can flow in an ever-increasing manner.

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Book Reviews

Suggested Resources for "Get the Connection? The Relationship Between Body, Soul, and Ministry"

Suggested Reading

Musings of a Maraschino Cherry—Reflections on the Role of a Minister’s Wife.
Peggy Musgrove (2004, ACW Press, Eugene, Oregon, 128 pp.; paper)
Available from the Gospel Publishing House. Quantity discounts can be obtained from the author by calling (417) 886-2468.

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